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TAM / ICP template presentation

To drive fast product growth, ensuring your product is targeted at the right market is imperative. 

Typical challenges faced:
  • Wide or undocumented market opportunity
  • Too much opportunity leading to slow progress or procrastination¬†
  • Limited relevant customer case study wins to highest value customers
What you get:
  • Single document to capture all of your Total Addressable Market & your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Formatted to suit team and investor communications
  • Persona template to further focus team to where they can win


  • Focused approach to market opportunity
  • Efficiency of market approach to drive faster wins
  • Easier market segmentation for territory planning
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"The inspir'em team very capably guided us through operationalising MEDDICC. It’s made us all think more strategically about the science of sales, inspiring curiosity that’s made our learning journey fun too." 

Caroline Meredith

Sales Director, AccessPay