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MEDDIC training for go-to-market organisation for a scaleup telehealth business.

‘Everyone is now on the same page, and all speak a common language”


About The Client 

TytoCare is a fast-growing telehealth business that works with leading health plans and providers to roll out Home Smart Clinic solutions that enable accessible, high-quality primary care from home.

The Home Smart Clinic solutions include remote physical exams that work across primary care modalities and can be tailored to any cohort or population.

Tyto’s services are delivered as both hardware and SaaS.


The Challenge 

The TytoCare sales operation had no structure or defined sales methodology. Due to this, they were struggling to track opportunities and were unable to accurately forecast their revenue, resulting in slower than desired company growth. A solid foundation was therefore required to:

  • Give everyone in the go to market organisation a common language 
  • Build a playbook for the sales team to follow
  • Increase deal predictability and forecasting


The Solution – inspir’em MEDDIC Foundations course

TytoCare recognised the need for the organisation to have the MEDDIC methodology framework, with which to give them the structure and common language that was missing.

Based on reputation, inspir’em was chosen to deliver the MEDDIC Foundations course tailored to the sales, marketing and customer success teams. 


inspir’em programme:

  • Phase 1 – Interview series to understand existing skills & processes
  • Phase 2 – Full team skills analysis
  • Phase 3 – Delivery of the MEDDIC Foundations programme to sales, marketing & customer success teams globally
  • Phase 4 – Embedding the programme, providing live deal reviews 

The Outcome

The go-to-market organisation now all speak a common language and are able to qualify deals to a much higher standard, resulting in a higher degree of predictability when forecasting deals and the company shifting into scaleup mode.

Embedding MEDDIC in the organisation has given existing team members an appreciation of TytoCare for the investment in their career and, as every team member knows exactly what is expected of them, this has also helped with the onboarding of new recruits. 

"Since embedding MEDDIC in our go to market organisation, we have gained significant predictability around our deals and have been able to move into scaleup mode"

Tamir Gotfried

Founder & CCO - TytoCare

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