Phoenix51 navigated the early stages of the start-up world & raised investment for them to grow

‘We now have a solid business that we can take to the next level. Emma has shown total belief in Phoenix51 from day 1”

Client Background

Phoenix51 is a state-of-the-art talent assessment platform enabling organisations to make data-driven decisions along the employee journey; from hiring through to benchmarking and development.



The Challenge 

The client had a solid SaaS business idea but no experience in the field. They had no funding and they launched mid-pandemic. They needed to find a business mentor to navigate the early stages of the start-up world; in terms of both investment and go-to-market strategy for early-stage businesses.



The Solution – Business Consultancy

The solution was a mixture of monthly mentoring and structured deliverables to help the team at Phoenix51

  • Understand how to run a SaaS business
  • Understand how to prioritise for growth
  • Articulate their business to the market & investors
  • Understand ARR & costing strategies
  • Consider tax vehicles & funding strategies 



The Timeline

Jan 2020 - Phoenix51 concept created. Inspir’em instructed.

Sept 2020 - Phoenix51 launched.

Nov 2020 - 1st round of seed investment secured of £150k.

Aug 2021 - 20 customers on platform all paying ARR.

Dec 2021 - 2nd round of seed investment secured of £400k.


The Outcome

After 15 months of operation, Phoenix51 now has 20 enterprise clients and in 2021 turnover was in excess of £500k.

"As a coach Emma doesn’t just turn up once a month to collect her fee; she is an invested mentor, teaching essential business process throughout to prepare you for your future"

Lee McQueen

Founder & CEO - Phoenix51

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