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Luminary Cloud

MEDDIC training, Masterclasses and Deal Reviews for a fast growing computer aided engineering startup.

‘‘In the quarter following our work with inspir’em, ACV increased 130%”


About The Client 

Luminary Cloud is an early-stage startup, working to disrupt the Computer Aided Engineering software space. The team has been building their business capabilities and client base since 2019, ready for a full launch in March 2024.


The Challenge 

Now with 50 clients across several industries and a growing go-to-market team to further expand and service this base, Luminary Cloud needed a structured approach to sales across every team member.
Although some used MEDDIC, it was sporadic and largely focused on the CRM, thereby missing the benefits of thorough deal qualification using MEDDIC.
A common language within the GTM team was needed to facilitate the onboarding and coaching of new members.


The Solution 

MEDDIC Foundations, Masterclasses & Deal Reviews

Through reputation, inspir’em was selected to deliver MEDDIC sales training to the whole GTM team, totalling 30 people from BDRs, salespeople, solution consultants, the CRO and CEO.

The inspir’em MEDDIC Foundations one-day course, follow-on Masterclasses and live Deal Reviews were delivered across six weeks.

Live courses with experiential learning provided a fun way to engage in the training and stay curious about deals.

The training ensured that every team member understood the application of each letter of MEDDIC, improving qualification of the pipeline and communication within the team.

The Outcome

Following the MEDDIC training, the GTM team was better aligned on MEDDIC, using it as a qualification technique, not just a CRM checkbox exercise.

inspir’em delivered the training in Q3. By Q4 the Annual Contract Value had increased to 130%.

ACV increased 130% after working with inspri'em

"By asking tough questions, driving curiosity and unifying the GTM team with a common language, the inspir’em MEDDIC training delivers results"

Matt Sanders, Director of GTM strategy & enablement, Luminary Cloud_inspi'em client

Matt Sanders

Director of GTM Strategy and Enablement

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