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Provision of bespoke MEDDPICC training workshops.

"The use of new close plans has resulted in increased engagement by the sales team and increased forecast accuracy for sales leaders”

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About The Client 

One of the world’s largest software vendors’ enablement team were tasked with designing, implementing and embedding learning programmes, sales leader coaching and tailored team learning plans to the wider business family.
The aim of the programme was to nurture and grow a mindset of productivity, accountability and ownership across their global fields.


The Challenge 

The company faced the challenge of changing behaviours across two merged workforces.
Entrenched attitudes around the development of opportunity management skills across sellers, leaders and senior leaders alike required some updating in order that the value of such skills was adequately recognised


The Solution – MEDDPICC

Worldwide MEDDPICC Exercises:
• 4 time zones
• Approx. 1,200 reps and 100 managers
• 100% engagement

Based on reputation, inspir’em was chosen to find new ways of addressing old issues. Using MEDDPICC as a template, interactive and engaging workshop content was developed that hit key areas of focus and allowed the audience to experience a new way of learning.

The Outcome

The enablement team have moved away from previous delivery methods, which were lacking effectiveness. The inspir’em workshop style is now influencing the delivery of training, especially for the kick off.
The sales team’s use of the new close plans resulted in increased engagement with the high value deals.
This in turn led to less adverse surprises, less slipped deals and better close rates. Sales leaders are now able to forecast with increased accuracy.

“The inspir’em workshop style is now influencing the delivery of training, producing positive results"

Head of Enablement

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  • SAM Labs - MEDDIC & 7 Wonders Training
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