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Executive Coaching for Growth

Executive coaching provides space and time to think for any individual on their life and career journey.

Most commonly used for career progressions, changes and transitions, executive coaching provides support to achieve your goals.

Coaching is there to relieve executive isolation, improve thought leadership, elevate your executive presence and improve self confidence.

Read this latest Forbes article on the surprising benefits of executive coaching.

Executive coaching and Hogan Assessments by inspir'em

What are Hogan Leadership Assessments?

Hogan Leadership Assessments can provide a perfect accompaniment to executive coaching delivering a world-class ability and personality tools designed specifically for business.

Individuals & organisations use Hogan Assessments to assess:

  • Job fit

  • Motivation drivers that generate satisfaction and likely engagement

  • Cultural fit to an organisation and the working climate they will generate

  • Career derailing behaviours

The tools are used by leading organisations, independent professionals and consultancies to support:

  • Recruitment

  • Role Transitions

  • Leadership Development programmes

  • Succession planning

  • Talent management

Coaching & Assessment Packages

Emma Maslen Hogan Assessment and coaching via inspir'em

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