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Marketing and MEDDIC

Marketing and MEDDIC

Often, sales qualification and the common language of sales are wrongly mistaken for only applying to salespeople.

All members of the go-to-market ecosystem can benefit and help qualify leads and pipeline to ensure greater pipeline conversion.

By having all teams singing from the same hymn sheet, a common language creates efficiencies across teams for greater success.

A great example of this is in the marketing department.


How does MEDDIC/MEDDPICC impact marketing?

Marketing teams are vital to ensuring the right focus and drive into markets that need the products and services you want to sell by:

  • Researching the market to identify potential customers for your products or services. 
  • Creating profiles of individuals within your target customers to identify potential buyers. 
  • Persuading someone that your product or service is worth considering.
  • Attracting an audience to your products and services.
  • Delivering value for customers through content demonstrating value and building brand loyalty.
  • Increasing early-stage leads.

Search a little bit more, and it won’t be long before you find the Four Ps of Marketing:

  • Product: What is your offering? What role does it fulfil? What problem does it solve? What are its differentiators? 
  • Price: What price do you charge? What benefits do you deliver to justify the cost? What does your competition charge?
  • Place: Where do you sell your products and services? What is your target market?
  • Promotion: How do you inform potential buyers and influencers about your product or services? 


Where do the Four Ps of Marketing fit with MEDDIC and MEDDPICC? 

MEDDIC is a sales qualification tool, so why should anyone in marketing care? 

Well, yes, MEDDIC is a sales qualification tool, but that isn’t about sales the organisation, it is about sales the function. 

This sales function sits side by side with the marketing function and, for that matter, every other function within the organisation. 

If we look at some of the activities that marketing teams undertake, we can see where the specific MEDDIC/MEDDPICC letters are pertinent:


Territory planning and account-based marketing: Using Identified pain and Metrics to consider the target markets and target customer organisations. 
Product advertising and marketing positioning: Helps to build awareness of your solutions and feeds into the Decision criteria and Decision process from very early on—seeding ideas with influencers and decision-makers in your target customer organisations.
Ideal customer profiling: Identified pain and Metrics help us to know who/which role in our target customer organisations might benefit most from our solutions and, therefore, who might be potential Champions and Economic buyers.
Lead qualification: When a lead enters the funnel at the MQL or SQL stage, using Metrics & Identified pain helps us to understand the size of the opportunity.
Lead handovers: Consistent language and shared understanding drive efficiency when handing leads over from lead generation activities to SDRs and sales to pick up and progress (Metrics and Identified pain)
Proving the value: Value-based teams use Identified pain and Metrics to capture the value your solutions bring and can be captured in case studies or for specific business case requirements.
Competitive analysis: Building knowledge about competitive solutions helps you to determine and clearly communicate your differentiators (Decision criteria/Competition). 
References: Together with customer success, marketing is well-positioned to capture the reasons why your solution is chosen (Decision criteria) and what value it brings (Metrics) to use for upsell and for future opportunities.
Relationships: Building and maintaining trust with your Champion and Economic buyer is a long-term, ongoing process. Marketing can play a key role by inviting them to attend or speak at events, building shared industry connections and sending them industry thought pieces/white papers—all valuable things


Although you might be responsible for the pipeline number in marketing, the company is measured by revenue and margin. 

The marketing team plays a role here by creating an all-encompassing marketing and communication strategy that runs throughout the sales cycle. 

This strategy brings all the separate pieces together, ensuring that the sales team effectively targets accounts and opportunities, closes more opportunities and closes them with increased velocity, thus increasing revenue and margin.

Creating a common language for the whole team can create an effective end-to-end marketing and communication strategy. That language can be MEDDIC/MEDDPICC.

Seeking to inspire a culture of “everyone sells”? Use MEDDIC as a guide to focus your internal and external communication on what is important: the value your solutions deliver for your customers. 


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