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Elevate your interview game: Review and refine your pitch and plan

Elevate your interview game with your personal board_Emma Maslen

Welcome to the third instalment in my blog series about recruitment and interviewing. If you haven't read the previous blogs, ‘Mastering the Art of Interview Strategy’ and ‘Be Interview Pitch Ready’, I recommend starting there. 

However, if you have, congratulations! You've brainstormed, refined your pitch, and perfected your plan.

Now, as you embark on the dynamic world of interviews, remember that your pitch is not set in stone. Live updates and continuous refinement are the keys to success.

Navigating the Multi-Stage Journey

Career changes, particularly for senior roles, often involve multiple interview stages. 

Recognising this, you can leverage the time between interviews to fine-tune your pitch, reflect, and gain insights from your trusted Personal Board.

Why not use this framework with your advisors to get the best ideas as the process develops.

  1. Refining Your Pitch: A Continuous Process

After each interview stage, reflect on your pitch’s effectiveness. Did it resonate with the interviewer?

  • Seek feedback from the interviewers and your Personal Board.
  • Explore the feedback received, and use any risks or concerns that were highlighted to enhance your pitch.

You might find this blog ‘Create a Personal Feedback Loop’ helpful.


  1. Decoding the Process: A Strategic Move

Gather insights into the decision criteria between interviews. This knowledge empowers you to align your pitch more effectively. 

Use the information you discover to work with your advisors mentors or coaches:

  • Assess whether your pitch needs refinement.
  • Identify additional areas you can demonstrate your capability and make necessary adjustments.


  1. Flexibility in Your Campaign: Adapting to Change

As the interview process unfolds, assess whether it's unfolding as you expected:

  • Have any new candidates come into the mix?
  • Have you been thrown a curveball that you weren't expecting?

Identify any changes needed in your strategy and adjust accordingly.


Leveraging Your Board for Career Goals

Your Personal Board is an invaluable resource not only for refining your pitch but also for contemplating your future steps.

Utilise their expertise to explore post-application focus, potential areas for skill development based on feedback, and determine if you need additional support and guidance from your Personal Board. 


A Continuous Journey

The journey to your dream role is a continuous process of improvement and adaptation.

By actively seeking feedback, refining your pitch, and by tapping into the wisdom of your Personal Board, you enhance your chances of success.

Remember, your pitch is not a one-time performance but should evolve with each stage. Embrace the journey, adapt as needed, and get the deal across the line!

If you need help creating a diverse Personal Board or support with securing your next role, get in touch, I can help.