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Become pitch-ready: Your interview success begins with preparation

Landing your dream job is not just about having the right skills; it's about presenting yourself and selling the story of ‘you’ during the interview. 

One way to increase your edge vs the competition is to be ‘pitch-ready’. 

In this article, I discuss why preparation is critical and how you can perfect your interview pitch. 


The power of preparation

Preparation is your secret weapon against nervousness, awkward questions or lack of confidence. While it may sound obvious, many candidates overlook the importance of practising their pitch and anticipating potential questions. 

A well-prepared pitch not only boosts your confidence but also ensures you make a lasting impression. Remember my story of story-telling in Dragon’s Den in my previous blog Mastering the Art of Interview Strategy'.


Crafting your three-minute pitch

During the interview, you may be given an opportunity to tell your story. Here’s what should be included in your pitch:

  • Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself, and highlight your professional background and expertise.
  • Background and experience: Share relevant details about your career journey and experiences.
  • Key highlights and accomplishments: Highlight significant achievements that showcase your capabilities.
  • Relevance to the new role: Connect your past successes to the requirements of the new role.
  • Pitch conclusion: Clearly explain why you are the ideal candidate for the position.

Be proactive in addressing potential concerns or risks. Identify any missing capabilities and have a well-thought-out action plan to counterbalance them. Anticipating and addressing these risks demonstrates your foresight and commitment to overcoming challenges.


Use your Personal Board for mock interviews

Role playing interviews with one or two of your Personal Board members will put you in a strong position. 

  • Conduct mock interviews: Enlist one or two members to conduct mock interviews. This provides valuable practice and feedback.
  • Q&A session: Encourage your mock interviewers to ask questions, replicating real interview scenarios. 
  • Select the right Personal Board: Ensure diversity among your Personal Board members, including experienced managers who can provide you with a good mock interview.

Leveraging your Personal Board, with its diverse background and experience, can enrich your preparation process. Receiving different perspectives, experiences and managerial insights will lead you to develop a well-rounded and focused interview strategy. 

Remember, your board can also create that loop between feedback, advice and the actions you need to take.

Being pitch-ready is not just about delivering a rehearsed speech; it's about showcasing your authentic self confidently. With thorough preparation, addressing potential risks, and leveraging your Personal Board, you'll step into your interviews with confidence, leaving a lasting impression on your potential employers. So, get ready to shine and secure that dream role!

If you’d like to brainstorm your interview strategy and your pitch, book a Power Hour or 1-2-1 coaching with me.