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MEDDIC training for whole go-to-market organisation of corporation-to-bank payment software provider

"Every one of my leadership and my sales team really enjoyed working with inspir'em. They've got such a great approach; very straightforward, say it how it is with lots of energy and enthusiasm"

Client Background

AccessPay is a fast-growing corporate-to-bank integration partner. Their SaaS platform enables corporates to digitalise their banking operations, providing the integration and transformation needed to connect their ERP and financial systems to banks and payment schemes.


The Challenge 

The business was experiencing a number of growing pains; a growing SDR and sales team with a growing pipeline of bigger opportunities, and a growing number of service solutions. This meant they needed assistance with:

  • Establishing an end-to-end qualification methodology from SDR to account management.
  • Refining the Ideal Client Profile by service and industry sector.
  • Quicker and consistent qualification to effectively manage larger opportunities.
  • Integrating the SDR and sales organisation to drive more efficient and effective pipeline creation. 


The Solution – inspir’em MEDDIC Foundations Course

Recognising the need for the sales teams to have the MEDDIC methodology framework to better equip them in all aspects of the sales cycle, but aware that this had been tried & failed before, they needed an experienced practitioner with an empathetic approach to delivery.

Based on reputation, inspir’em was chosen to train and embed the MEDDIC sales process and methodology to all members of the go-to-market organisation.


The Outcome

AccessPay rolled out MEDDIC across the whole go-to-market organisation; from the SDR team to the leadership team, from customer success to marketing.

The leadership team now forecasts with increased accuracy and the business speaks a common language from customer acquisition to customer advocacy.

Establishing the use of metrics and using ROI has enabled the sales teams to provide prospective clients with a defined business case, helping to increase conversion rates.

From a morale point of view, there has been a noticeable increase in confidence.

By improving deal management and qualification, the team is laser focussed on deals that are most likely to lead to their success. By opening up this learning to the SDR team, they too are improving their qualification and will be better prepared for the next step in their sales careers.

By embedding the rigour of the MEDDIC qualification process from the start of the sales journey, AccessPay has had quarter-on-quarter increases in average deal size, win rate and revenue.

"Investing in the training and development of our go-to-market teams has been transformative. It has supported our growth and enabled us to be both efficient and effective at forecasting and managing our pipeline"

Caroline Meredith

VP Sales AccessPay

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