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Start with (Identified) Pain in Mind

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Article: Build Your Personal Board

Who is sat at your table? 

How to build and develop a personal board to accelerate personal / business growth and achievements.


Lucy Woolfenden

The Part-Time CMO

"I joined Emma's Personal Board course at a time when I was considering pivoting my business. The structure of the advice was a fantastic impetus to building my own personal board which is now fantastic support to both myself and my business. I'd recommend this course to anyone looking for direction in personal development whether working for themselves or a corporate."

Laura Harnett
Founder, Angel, NED, Consultant

''I got so much out of Emma's personal board webinar.

Firstly, it's a really interesting and innovative concept that I wish I had discovered years ago. I haven't come across it anywhere else. As a founder I've started implementing some of her suggestions and I can see how powerful it's going to be for the business's (and my) growth. Secondly, Emma is a great speaker. She understands that time is precious and packs in a lot of content and practical tips so that you get as much out of the session as possible.

Highly recommended.''

Tom Doyle 

AVP EMEA, Bringg

'I have known Emma for a long time, first as a top performer at BMC, and then as a recognised voice on sales excellence within our market.  As soon as she set up her business I wanted to tap into that experience to elevate my game.  

Emma spent time with me to help me identify and develop my goals, and put in place the tactics to help me achieve them.  Within months I had achieved my 12 month goal!  Her approach is based on understanding who you are, what makes you tick and then working together on the path ahead.  I highly recommend her work.'

Start with (Identified) Pain in Mind

Feb 05, 2024

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