MEDDPICC Flash Cards

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Looking for the best way to implement MEDDPICC into your day to day operating rhythm?

Working with our clients, we have created a pack of 54 flash cards to ask questions about all the letters of MEDDPICC - asking open questions to get the most from your qualification time.

Our flash cards can be used in deal reviews or just for personal reflection to help inspire the identification of risks and challenges in your opportunities today.

What you'll get:

  • 12 early stage qualification cards
  • 32 mid-late stage qualification cards
  • 10 post-sale cards
  • Sales process flash card

Post-sale cards help to ensure the easy capture of information for upsell and cross sell after the initial sale.

Cards include postage to the UK. For orders outside of the UK we will contact you regarding customs requirements.

Prices include UK postage and VAT.

£40.00 GBP